Who I Am

My passion is to help people embrace living their best lives.

How can we do that together ?

I believe by functioning from a harmonious balanced state within, where we can access synchronicities, flow, health, knowing and that innate self-generating glow & healing.

  • What blocks us from currently doing that?
  • What stops us from naturally adapting to different: psychological, pathological, emotional, environmental, physical, hormonal and nutritional challenges in life?
  • What we can do to overcome stress, depression and anxiety that seems to be so prevalent in today’s environment ?

Kinesiology is an amazing tool that allows us to explore and understand what’s going on for an individual; and what that individual needs to process, change and move forward towards theirs goals!!

I commenced my journey with obtaining a Diploma in Kinesiology, and have continued to study multiple streams of kinesiology:  ICPKP, Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology​, Resonate and Neuro Energetic Kinesiology.  Along with continuing to learn other complementary areas of interests such as:  Resonate Essences (vibrational & energetic support products), Journey emotional release techniques, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Heart Math, Heart Speak, Soul Speak, and QHHT studies.

Through my training I use the latest understanding of neuroscience, quantum science, biology, the anatomy, energy and the ancient techniques of traditional Chinese medicine to return YOU to your natural healthy state of homeostasis.

It is in the balanced state of homeostasis that we return to a state of innate healing, rejuvenation & flow: and from this state we can make our best decisions and actions to move towards our goals, our highest potential and live a thriving life !

Kinesiology enables you to release all that no longer supports you in the now, while encouraging you to embrace your gifts and abilities, your passions and dreams, that can ultimately result in you living your best life!

We can work through your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical stressors, blocks, issues and goals together in clinic or through an online session.

Everything is Energy and that’s all there is to it.
Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

– Albert Einstein

Why I am a Kinesiologist

It’s not natural or easy for me to share my life’s greatest challenges & heartbreaking moments.  I’m not someone who likes to wear my heart on my sleeve and show my anguish for all to see… but I also understand how important it is when you’re searching for a kinesiologist or natural therapist to find someone who has empathy, understanding and has walked in your shoes… or who has been through similar trials & tribulations that you may now be facing.  

So it’s time for me to share my story as it may help you.

Along my path, life had presented me with many challenges and many opportunities, and I embraced a reasonable amount of both: as a child, a teenager and as an adult.   

For decades, I operated in a male dominated corporate world of high stress, long hours, being on the receiving end of bullying & belittling by those competing to get ahead, working hard to advance and forge a career path.  We were trained to leave all personal life pain at home, put on your best ‘game face’ and just keep pushing through.   

My life up to that point had seen me face many obstacles and embrace many opportunities, but I was not quite prepared for my next chapter of personal health challenges, nor the mental & emotional traumas… which with hindsight, also gifted me my current career change, and a new passion and purpose in life.

Like so many other women, I found myself on the IVF journey of hormones, injections, medical interventions that altered my body… and then the anguish of recurrent early-stage miscarriages… combined with the enormous grief of a late stage failed pregnancy.  Nobody would ever choose to experience this roller coaster… and if this is also your journey, then I know kinesiology can help to support you.

My next shock and medical trauma came with a cancer diagnosis, swapping fertility doctors for oncology wards and multiple surgeries, rounds of chemotherapy and radiation… and side effects such as early menopause, liver & lymphatic difficulties that my body is still dealing with to this day.  I feel fortunate to be one of the lucky ones that has survived my encounter with cancer, but it came at the cost of my heartfelt dream of the gift of a child… and the ending of my rock-solid relationship to my life partner of fifteen years, my best friend and my soul companion.  I had only just received the ‘all clear’ from the oncology team, when he announced he wanted to start again……on his own.   I so did not see that coming!  

The loss and grief for all that I had trusted in, all that I had imagined for my / our future knocked any last resilience & fight out of me.  I felt completely broken.  From the depths of my pain, I slowly began seeking treatments and healing that could help me move through this.   I was dealing with trauma on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.   Whilst also working on repairing and supporting my body with its ongoing challenges from the medical interventions…and their side effects:  especially liver toxicity from IVF and chemotherapy, leading to weight gain, brain fog and chronic fatigue just to name a few.    I tried any and all things… and over time found those modalities and processes that have supported me on my journey back to reconnecting with life.  

These are the modalities that I have now studied and embrace in my work with clients… kinesiology in its many different styles and forms, Journey work & other emotional release techniques, and vibrational & energetic support products.

I now feel empowered knowing what and how I have transformed, and all that I have overcome.  

I feel grateful for all the wisdom that these experiences have awakened in me.

My own journey gives me huge inner resources to support and guide others on their own personal mental, emotional, spiritual and health challenges… and I absolutely love being a part of the ‘support crew’ in my clients’ transformation successes.

If you have felt the anguish of fertility issues, miscarriage, relationship breakdown, faced the trauma of a ‘potentially fatal medical diagnosis’ and survived the treatments, Kinesiology can support and help you on your recovery journey.

consulting me

If you are battling issues around weight challenges, work challenges, toxicity from – lifestyle choices, negative attitudes, negative people; cognitive change;  burnout and reduced physical energy Kinesiology can be of benefit in changing outcomes.

All of these things, and more, are challenges that many of us encounter, they may be the very things you are currently facing.    Based on my own observations…based on my own experience,  I know that kinesiology can assist, support, help and guide you on your path… and I would be honoured to work with you to restore your well-being.   

Kinesiology has worked for me… it can work for you too!

Kinesiology is an empowering and transformative modality.


I believe everyone can benefit from having Kinesiology as part of their ‘go-to’ selfcare survival kit.   

Kinesiology provides the opportunity for people to move from a mode of “surviving” their traumas & stresses of modern life, and instead move into a “thriving” life affirming mode.    

Do YOU have an area of life or a goal that you can’t seem to achieve or overcome no matter how hard you try ?

If so, then I encourage you to consider kinesiology, consider connecting with Consulting ME – Angela.  

Please Note:

The information on this website is my own personal healing and growth journey.

Kinesiology is complementary alternative health modality; we do not claim to diagnose, nor cure any known medical diagnosis.

For further information refer to the Medical Disclaimer link