Just like you, I have been thrown many challenges and opportunities in my life.  

Just like you, I have reacted, responded, and carried those experiences, until I found a way to transform them into learnings and wisdoms

Just like you, there were moments in my life when life where I felt very overwhelmed by the challenges I was facing.  

Just like you, I searched outside of myself to find the answers and tools to help me process these experiences and once again live the life I always wanted, in the way I always wanted too (once I worked out what that was).

Just like you, I tried, I failed, I tried, I succeed, I tried, I failed, I tried, and I tried, and I tried and then succeeded !

Just like you, I at times I was exhausted from all the trying! 

Just like you, I knew there was something that I was missing, even though I had embraced various processes and healing modalities, something was still missing….

Just like for you, that something is Energy Kinesiology. 

Just like me, you too can recovery, change and begin to once again embrace and evolve, into living your best life.

Just like me, you too can consider kinesiology and when you do, reach out and let’s connect at Consulting ME – Angela. 

What People are Saying

“Every session I have had with Angela, either face to face or remotely, has been life changing.  Using her kinesiology skills and in-depth understanding of the human body, mind and spirit, Angela has supported and guided me to gain a deep understanding of the obstacles that have blocked my ability to move forward in my life.  With care and compassion (and the right amount of kick up the rear) Angela has helped me to move past these obstacles and to start choosing & start living the life I was always meant to live. I truly cannot recommend Angela enough!  Do yourself a favour and don’t hesitate to reach out to Angela today!” 


“I’ve had multiple sessions with Angela and she is one of the most caring people I know. Angela listens to, understands and then finds the right support my body needs to release and heal. Her hands are so comforting, you feel so safe to open up to her and I always walk out feeling so calm and grounded.” 


“Our mum has regular Kinesiology sessions with Angela and we notice the difference.  We don’t know how it all works but we know mum is happier after a session. Mum even looks taller!” 

C & E

“I have known Angela for over 3 years now and have received balances and treatments from her throughout that time. Angela is warm and welcoming, with a calm, easy demeanour that helps immeasurably during session. I find Angela both intuitive and knowledgeable and I always feel freer & more relaxed, and easier in my mind after her treatment. I recommend Angela to anyone on a journey to whole health and personal growth.”


“For the past couple of years Angela has been practising Kinesiology, which is muscle testing my body and has found numerous hidden emotions behind layers of old triggers.

Her technique has an authentic flow and connection tapping into my energy space and revealing past traumas, old beliefs that have needed to be bought into the light.  Angela is a lightworker with integrity and honesty in her work, all done with pure Love, I’m so privileged to have had her help in moving many of my blocks.”


“My wife has advanced Alzheimer’s and is no longer able to communicate with us her needs (she is also no longer mobile).  As a home carer I needed to find an alternate way in which to guide us in meeting my wife’s’ needs.  Upon recommendation of my daughter, we reached out to Angela to assist with identifying the points to regulate my wife’s bowel movements and ease her discomforts.  Angela provided us with diagrams and zoom support to show us what to do.  My wife is now regular again which supports her overall wellbeing. 

To be honest, I didn’t believe in the stuff but it really does work!”



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